Industries we support

Explore the diverse range of industries we support with our advanced additive manufacturing solutions. From Aerospace to Automotive, Oil & Gas to Mining, Academia & Research to Manufacturing, Medical, and Defense, our cutting-edge technologies enable groundbreaking applications in each sector. Discover how our expertise helps these industries achieve innovation, precision, and efficiency, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable results in areas such as prototyping, tooling, part repair, customized implants, and complex component manufacturing.


In the aerospace industry, additive manufacturing (AM) enables the production of lightweight, high-strength components with complex geometries. Applications include turbine blades, structural brackets, fuel nozzles, and aerospace components that benefit from enhanced performance and reduced weight.


Additive manufacturing in the automotive sector allows for rapid prototyping, tooling, and the creation of custom or lightweight parts. Applications include engine components, brake calipers, exhaust manifolds, and intricate interior features, enhancing vehicle performance and design flexibility.

Academia & research

In academia and research, additive manufacturing offers unparalleled flexibility for developing prototypes, testing new materials, and creating complex structures for scientific experiments. Applications include laboratory equipment, custom testing rigs, and innovative material research.


The defence sector utilises additive manufacturing for creating robust and lightweight components, enhancing equipment performance and adaptability. Applications include parts for military vehicles, aircraft, weapon systems, and mission-critical components requiring rapid prototyping and customised designs.


Additive manufacturing is ideal for the mining industry’s demanding conditions, producing wear-resistant and high-strength parts like drill bits, rock crusher components, and custom wear parts. AM helps extend equipment life and improve operational efficiency in harsh environments.

Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturers use metal AM for producing complex tooling, jigs, fixtures, and end-use parts. Applications span across various sectors, enabling efficient small-batch production, design customisation, and rapid response to changing manufacturing needs.


Additive manufacturing revolutionises the medical industry by enabling the production of patient-specific implants, surgical instruments, and prosthetics. Applications include hip and knee implants, cranial plates, dental restorations, and custom medical devices, improving patient outcomes and care.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry leverages metal AM for producing durable and corrosion-resistant parts, such as downhole tools, impellers, valve components, and piping. These applications benefit from the ability to create parts with complex internal structures that enhance efficiency and longevity.

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