Meltio Revolutionises the Programming of a Robotic Arm to Manufacture 3D Printed Metal Parts with the launch of Meltio Space Software!

Meltio Space is a toolpath generator software for the Meltio Engine Robot Integration with an easy-to-use interface for planar, non-planar, and variable extrusion toolpaths. It also includes 2-axis workpiece positioner interpolation, kinematics simulation, collision checks, and cell configuration.

By offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this advanced robot slicer simplifies the use of Meltio’s wire-laser metal 3D printing technology with the most popular robotic brands, featuring a built-in robot library and post-processors for ABB, Kuka, FANUC, and Yaskawa.

Meltio, a disruptive leader in wire-laser metal deposition additive manufacturing technology (W-LMD), has taken a significant step towards facilitating the adoption of its unique metal 3D printing solutions. As a patented Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology developer and manufacturer, Meltio aims to be the reliable solution for industries worldwide, reducing costs and improving manufacturing processes. The Spanish multinational has introduced a new innovation to enhance the reliability of metal part manufacturing for creating precise parts: the Meltio Space software.

This slicer is a groundbreaking addition to the Meltio product lineup, breaking free from the limitations of traditional 3-axis systems. Meltio Space extends its capabilities by incorporating advanced robotic manipulation features, revolutionising the field of robotic additive manufacturing.

This toolpath generation software is specifically developed to accelerate the adoption of Meltio technology and revolutionise the field of robotic additive manufacturing. With its intuitive design, users can quickly adapt to and leverage the benefits of robotic additive manufacturing without requiring expertise in robotics or programming.

Meltio Space pushes the boundaries of 3D printing beyond traditional 3-axis systems by integrating a 6-axis robotic manipulator and 2-axis workpiece positioners. This expansion opens up a new realm of possibilities for metal 3D printing, providing comprehensive coordination, multi-axis toolpath generation, and enhanced design freedom. Meltio Space propels the industry forward, empowering users to create intricate, customised, and highly detailed metal parts like never before.

It is a new generation software designed for additive manufacturing, integrated into a robotic arm equipped with the Meltio Engine. Before the launch of Meltio Space, the company had entered into agreements with 12 major software companies, ensuring compatibility with their technology. However, thanks to Meltio Space, the company now simplifies the adoption of its wire-laser technology for industrial customers lacking specific expertise in robotics and additive manufacturing. All these capabilities are integrated into the new Meltio Space, and the software removes complexity from the 3D printing workflow, making it accessible to industrial users of all levels.

Whether it’s understanding the interpolation of workpiece positioners or applying slicing strategies, Meltio Space streamlines the entire process, enabling users to embrace the power of additive manufacturing with ease, offering a unified platform that enhances workflow efficiency and productivity.

The Meltio Space robot slicer employs a virtual model of the real robot’s movement. This advanced feature allows users to simulate the kinematics of the robot, ensuring accurate and precise printing. Additionally, the slicer performs collision checks with the part being printed, minimizing the risk of errors or damage during the additive manufacturing process.

Meltio Space Software’s Main Features:

  1. Empower Meltio Users: Revolutionise robotic additive manufacturing with an intuitive interface and comprehensive features for popular robotic brands.
  2. Maximise Meltio Engine: Meltio Space enhances Meltio Engine functionalities, offering optimised print profiles for different materials and applications.
  3. Unlock Complex Geometries: Meltio Space provides diverse toolpath strategies, eliminating limitations and enabling precise movements for intricate designs.
  4. Reduce Programming Time: Meltio technology reduces programming time, ensuring accurate printing through virtual robot movement simulation and collision checks.
  5. Dynamic Innovation: Meltio Space offers continuous updates and development, ensuring your technology remains cutting-edge.
  6. Reliable Support: Comprehensive support, training programs, and resource platforms empower users to optimise Meltio technology.
  7. Best Value for Money: Meltio Space combines affordability, advanced capabilities, and a user-friendly interface, maximising investment and project outcomes.

Annual Subscription:

The Meltio Space software sales model is an annual subscription with a highly competitive price based on its capabilities. This software, with the most competitive price on the market for additive manufacturing adapted to a robotic arm, will be free for the first year with each sale of the Engine. For existing customers, we offer an opportunity to access Meltio Space free of charge for the first year when associated with the purchase of training.

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